The JOY WHEEL set consists of a conversion kit that converts a manual wheelchair into an electric wheelchair.
(Set : Wheels, controller, battery, charger)

  • Powerful electric motor that goes up the hill with low noise and high efficiency!
  • Reliable Samsung battery that can travel about 20km in one charge.
  • Convenience of QR system where I can go wherever I want to go!
  • 360 degree rotation is possible in place.
  • 150W battery for aircraft (optional)
Functional Classification SPECS Personal mobility
Gradeability 8°~10°
Driving system Rear wheel drive
Charger 29.4V x 2Ah or 29.4V x 6A (240v 50~60Hz)
Joywheel net weight (Battery excluded) 5.5㎏ x 2
Charging time About 2.5 hours
Steering method Steering stick
Steering control system Microcomputer control
Maximum range About 20Km at maximum charge (24V15A, passenger 75kg plain driving)
Wheel size 24inch (24 x 1 ⅜ )
Removing and attaching the wheel Quick release (QR system)
Drive motor DC electric motor, Rated power 24V200W x 2
Automatic or manual wheel conversion function Possible
Marginal weight 100kg(Recommendations) 120kg (Recommendations)
Driving speed Forward 1~8㎞/h (5 Steps) / Backward 1~3㎞/h
Batterys Samsung Li-ion battery 24V-15Ah
Sale Price $ 2,800